About Shirley Ze Yu

A formidable EXPERT in Chinese Strategic and Economic Affairs, with an extensive global network of Corporate and Governmental leaders, and a unique international authority on China’s Political Economy at the cross-section of global Media, Government, Public Policy and Business.

She is a former China National Television news anchor, board director and advisor, and Asia fellow with the Ash Center of Harvard Kennedy School, and senior visiting fellow with the LSE, with research focused on China's political economy, tech-geopolitics, and global geo-strategies.

Dr Shirley Yu earned her PhD in political economy from China’s Peking University, and her Master’s degree in Government at Harvard University.

As a global media personality of Chinese origin, Shirley remains one of most active and strong voices on China's political economic affairs at global media, most notably with contributions to the BBC and FT.

With her senior corporate roles at global public companies both at the executive and board levels, she advises global companies on economic and strategic risks/opportunities on China, and builds formidable execution strategies to deliver market entry and expansion in China, and Chinese companies positioning globally.

Shirley is active in global public policy sphere in collaboration with global elite think tanks to deliberate fundamental change variables from China and impacts to the world.

***She looks to engage with global companies as non-executive board of directors and senior board advisors.***